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Osso VR is an award winning, clinically validated surgical training platform designed for medical device companies, practicing surgeons, residents and medical students of all skill levels. Using immersive VR technology, the platform offers a highly realistic training environment in order to improve patient outcomes. Osso VR is the first training platform to incorporate asessment into it's modules, objectively measuring the trainees knowledge of steps, level of precision and overall efficiency throughout the procedure providing a benchmark for proficiency.

Newcastle Hospitals has the widest adoption of robotic and minimally invasive surgery in the UK, at NSTC we deliver around 200 surgical courses each year and believe that the VR/AR along with realistic simulation will become a significant compoonent of surgical training in the future and are very pleased to partner with Osso VR -Professor Naeem Soomro (Director Of Robotic Surgery - Newcastle Hospitals) 

We see VR as an integral cog in the development and maintainance of surgical skills acqusitiion in health care education - Mr Paul Fearon (Training Programme Director in Orthopaedics, Newcastle Hospitals) 

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NSTC is a unique, state of the art facility providing advanced cadaveric education to the medical profession.
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