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Newcastle Hospitals offers the most comprehensive multi-speciality robotic surgery programme in UK. It is only hospital in the UK providing robotic surgery for six specialities. It has provided improved quality and clinical outcomes with increased patient choice.  It has enabled the Trust to offer surgical procedures, both in complexity and across different specialties.  It has also allowed the opportunity to position the Trust as a leader in robotic surgery. It has been designated as TUF (The Urology Foundation) Robotic Training Centre. It is one of the three ERUS (European Robotic Urological Surgery) centre in the UK

The Newcastle Surgical Training Centre will host-training programmes designed to help hospitals implement best practices in managing a successful multi-speciality Da Vinci programme working with surgeons, operating room staff, and hospital leadership.  NSTC has provided robotic training courses in six surgical specialities which includes: Colorectal, Urology, TORS, Gynaecology, HPB and Thoracic, as well First Assist courses. This will also equip hospitals with the tools needed to create a safe, efficient, cost effective and successful Da Vinci surgery programme. This would allow the surgeons and nurses to enhance their knowledge and competence in robotic surgery including discussing the surgical technique for safe and effective robotic surgery, indications, contraindications, and methods to manage complications. 

Professor Naeem Soomro, director of robotic surgery   at the Freeman, vividly describes that:

There has been a paradigm shift in our attitude; It has gone from 'why should it be done by robot?' to 'why shouldn't it?' The benefits are not just in surgery itself, but aftercare. It is expected that there would be further developments in future which would allow the surgeons to have access to multiple real time inputs like MR /CT scans along with miniaturisation of the surgical robotic interface.

Robotic surgery is particularly useful in undertaking complex operations in parts of the body which are very difficult to access like pelvis, within rib cage and operations at the back of the mouth. In order for the robotic surgery programmes to be successful the Trusts have to work towards multispecialty model, like we have developed  at the Freeman Hospital

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NSTC is a unique, state of the art facility providing advanced cadaveric education to the medical profession.
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